The USCS Genome Browser is a interactive website, hosted by the University of Santa Cruz (UCSC), offering access to a vast array of data pertaining to the an ever growing list of vertebrate and invertebrate organism.  The browser presents a graphical view, on a chromosome by chromosome basis, of each organism. The graphical display is completely interactive and allows zooming in from the entire chromosome to the individual base.  Within any given view the user can display many different types of data (arranged in tracks), including out not limited to; sequence data, genes, phenotypes, expression, regulation, comparative genomics, variations, and repeats. Additional features include the ability to integrate your own data within the display, fast homology searches, data table searches, and the ability to download all hosted data either in its entirety or specific targeted subsets.


Being a web-based tool the only requirement is for an internet connection and a Web Browser with javascript support (i.e any modern web browser).

This is an open-source resource with no real access restrictions.

BTEP classes featuring the UCSC Genome Browser