Geneious is a DNA, RNA and protein sequence alignment, assembly and analysis software platform, integrating bioinformatic and molecular biology tools into a simple interface.

NGS Assembly (link is external)

  • Assemble 454, SOLiD and Illumina
  • Reference and de novo assembly
  • Hybrid (mixed data) assembly
  • Paired-end and mate pair assembly
  • Velvet, Maq, Bowtie on Geneious Server™ (link is external)

Visualizations (link is external)

  • 3D structures
  • Sequences, alignments, assemblies
  • Annotations, SNPs, restriction sites
  • Phylogenetics trees
  • Dot plot, virtual gel
  • RNA secondary structure

Chromatogram Editing and Assembly (link is external)

  • Chromatogram assembly of Sanger data
  • Import Sequencher data from .CAF file
  • Assemble by name
  • Call secondary peaks

Geneious Biocode LIMS (link is external)

Alignment (link is external)

Phylogenetics (link is external)

  • MrBayes (Greenbutton (link is external) enabled)
  • PAUP* interface including ModelTest
  • NJ, UPGMA and PhyML
  • Bootstrapping and consensus trees
  • Interactive tree viewing

Cloning (link is external)

  • One-step multi-site Gateway cloning
  • One-step insert fragment into vector
  • Virtual gel viewer
  • Restriction digest
  • Show non-cutting enzymes

Primer Design (link is external)

  • PCR primers and probes with Primer3
  • Primers on alignments and assemblies
  • Built-in primer database
  • Test existing primers vs sequence
  • Sequencing & multiplex primers (coming soon)

Database Search (link is external)

  • BLAST and custom BLAST search
  • Local search
  • Sequence search
  • Literature search
  • Automated search agents

Predict, Manipulate and Annotate (link is external)

  • ORFs, repeats, CpG islands
  • SNPs, INDELs, low/high coverage
  • Protein secondary structure
  • Cleavage sites, transcription factors
  • Antigenic regions, Pfam domains

Access Information:
Contact the NIH Help Desk: Telephone: 301-496-4357 (open 6:00 am – 6:00 pm)