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ChemNavigator: NIH Partnership

In conjunction with the NIH Cheminformatics Roadmap Initiative, the Center for Cancer Research and its Office of Science and Technology Resources have formed an agreement with ChemNavigator to provide all NIH researchers access to a comprehensive database of commercially available small molecular compounds for drug discovery screening (over 15 million compounds). ChemNavigator also offers a convenient sample procurement service to allow you to easily access desired compounds from locations around the world. To view detailed information on how to access the ChemNavigator compound database and instruction for sample procurement, please visit: (link is external)

For detailed instructions for sample procurement, please visit: ChemNavigator Service Fees

For questions, please contact:

Marc C. Nicklaus, Ph.D.
Head, Computer-Aided Drug Design Group, Chemical Biology Laboratory
Center for Cancer Research, NCI, NIH
Building 376, Rm. 207
Frederick, MD 21702
Office: 301-846-5903
Email: (link sends e-mail)