Guidelines to qualify for high priority Bioinformatics Support from CCBR


Fast lane checklist (priority):

  1. Experimental design was discussed with CCBR prior to collection of samples
  2. Data are good quality and of sufficient number to derive conclusive results (either positive or negative results).
  3. Pilot projects for new technologies or new studies with intention to process more
  4. Projects which have positive impact on pipeline development (ie. in line with CCBR’s techdev benchmarking efforts on new methods) that could be widely usable by CCR


Slow lane checklist (support as available):

  1. Studies with suboptimal designs (small samples or QC issues)
  2. Exploratory data mining on public data – unless motives are clear and all requirements for transparent data lineage (e.g. raw data vs. processed data) are available
  3. Pilot projects with unclear motives for continuation
  4. Data types which are not typical for group (e.g. proteomics data, etc)


Best way to use the core: requirements for using fast lane:

  1. Come with explicit hypothesis, sample numbers, experimental design questions prior to starting the experiment
  2. Ask clear questions, state the desired endpoint in a clear manner and have future plans for publishable outcome.
  3. Communicate clearly what goals are and have expectations agreed upon by both parties (CCBR and PI)
  4. Agree to include lead analyst(s) as co-author(s) on publications as applicable.
  5. Have a point person in the lab group who can adequately follow up with next steps and validate results from analysis.


For any questions on this policy or for further information on our support process, please contact Dr. Maggie Cam (, 240-760-7179)